Daria (novel. Eng.)
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You are sweet.
You know I feel an impetuous breeze coming out of your letter and clouds gathering over me. Its getting dark. Lightning!!! Thunder!!! Thats it! Raining - your tears. You are upset and Im getting wet.
Thats not fair.
Where is my umbrella?
Oh, here it is. Im out of danger now
Look, Daria. Your picture is nice and there is nothing wrong with those balloons. Its your message that had lots of meanings. Who do you think is watching your profile and pictures? Of course men!!! And first thing men are able to think about is sexuality of the object they are watching. What can a man figure out from a message like how could I refuse at the time he sees the bed where couple of people are usually watching and mixing their dreams while asleep and/or making love. Yes, yes, exactly that one And nobody knows whom that bed belongs to. The only way a man can think is that somebody brought a woman to his place, paid her lots of attention like a gentlemen and then her love had cost him those colorful balloons.
If you would write, say: my birthday party is a joy, then I wouldnt even dare to leave dirty messages because it is completely innocent. Thats why I left those bloody messages.
And finally, your reaction contained surprisingly good manners. I was kind of confused and didnt know what to do with my weapons except to drop them. They were useless and I realized that I was wrong. Shame on me!
If you would answer back by swear words then I would keep my previous opinion and my defense line would be strong as never.
I know you cannot forget those nasty remarks but you can at least bury them at the back of your mind where are dark, cold and only voices can live.
At last, rain is over. You are a lovely girl. You are not disabled, so, you can see, feel and listen to the world. Its great! Especially when life is too short you should hurry to get pleasure out of one. Time has no savings. Only memory does All what left for us is the future
I want to go now to dry myself out. Otherwise Ill get cold.
By the way, what happened with your 24th year? Is there somebody or something that burnt down your world and you walking over the ashes of your dreams? You shouldnt worry so much. The future rain will wake up the seeds of the plants passed away and new life will show off its beautiful flowers. Its going to be a heaven again...

Im glad Ive got the reason to leave the shadow of night; Ive got feelings that I need to understand. Its bright here. The milky eye of day melts through thin pale cloud. The land is hot! Fata Morgana dissolves the air and behind it, a huge spiral going up to the white clouds steps to the sky.
I dont see, is there an end to it? Lets have a look.
I step on the first step, second and third, it doesnt wobble. Strange, but I cant see anything that could support this creation. I start to climb. I dont know how long I walk, on my way to the top. My watch doesnt show time, it measures only life; Ive got half left.
Wow! I can see the whole world from here
Oh, my eyes! Its slowly disappearing Gone! And starry eternity holds the end of the spiral in its mysterious darkness.
There is a noise over my head, familiar.
Incredible, it is a sea! Real!!! Enormousbut I dont get it; who is upside-down???
The wave strokes me, salty, refreshing.
I carefully touch its curve; it is real. I immersed my hand into the cold water and suddenly, something smooth and warm glides under my palm. I pull back my hand, surprised, shock lighting my senses. Its just a dolphin. Friendly, smiling, it swims away.
Splash: with a name of Waiting on the side, a white boat moves towards me. People in white, comfortably sitting in it: a woman and two men, old and young. They look like they are awaiting someone. I can hear their voices, they talking to each other and laughing warmly. Their eyes dont reflecting me; they are the bright azure sky.
And suddenly, the steps seem to fall, taking my breath away But it is just the sea, moving, shifting, so scary!
The boat moves backwards to the left and drifts away, smaller, ever smaller. I watch for a long time until colour appears to my right, far on the horizon. A rainbow?
Balloons! Millions of them! And beneath them, a fiesta, swarming, vibrant.
Halleluiah! What a paradise!
There are green trees on the hills and little white houses speckled on the hillsides. Bright flowers fill gardens everywhere. Nice music all around, and small rounded stones sparkle on the beach like a billion tiny stars having a holiday.
And over there, right at the sea edge, the girl enjoining a seasides wonderful atmosphere. She smiles to the happiness of the world like a thousand stars cant do together.
I feel happy. I take this nice experience into my heart.

Take the girl! shadow whispered patronisingly.
The girl? I cant take her out of there. The sun, sky, sea, and everything else, they will miss her, miss her, miss her

The planet silently moved; its flying away from me, and a dark night calling me to comeback to its arms. The salute flash unexpectedly in the night sky and then panoramic view lost colour. The beautiful world left me, and spiral going down. Im leaving
Im like a prisoner who sees sunlight for the first time, only to be shut away again in my cell. Is this darkness forever?
I turned around when the night kindly opened the shadows curtains. And there was nothing left behind me, only an ominous grey wall of fog, ever quiet.
Tell me, what was that? No, dont say anything. I know. I saw her planet, made of summer and autumn, winter and spring. Its young and fresh

Im coming back, Shadow Im coming

(to be continued (Xot, ne znau))



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